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Introducing g2ai

We are dedicated to optimizing your business workflows so that you can focus on what matters most. Our mission is to provide seamless integration of AI Services into your systems and make it convenient for businesses of all sizes to be more efficient.


As we embrace the AI revolution, we are dedicated to guiding your business forward with our cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is to help you seamlessly integrate AI into your everyday workflows, unlocking your true potential. Simply explain the task you want to optimise, and we will provide innovative, future-forward solutions tailored to your needs.

Services Offered:

  1. AI Strategy Consulting.

  2. Custom Generative AI Model Training

  3. AI Service Integration (GCP, Azure, AWS).

  4. Training and Skill Development in AI.

  5. Cloud Service Selection for cost efficiency and scalability.

  6. GenAI Model Selection Consulting.

  7. AI Rules & Regulations Guidance.

  8. Data Visualisation and reporting.

  9. Natural Language Processing.

  10. Predictive analytics and forecasting.

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AI for your

At G2AI, we specialise in integrating AI into various business operations, delivering solutions that transform and streamline work processes.

PIRC - Pension & Investments Research Consultancy PIRC, a leader in the UK pension industry for over 35 years, sought G2AI's expertise to modernise their operations. G2AI developed APIs, built databases from the ground up, and introduced an automation tool, which collectively enhanced the productivity of PIRC's 9-person research team by 40%. We also enabled PIRC to replace their expensive FactSet software, saving over £25,000 annually. Furthermore, G2AI utilized generative AI for advanced keyword and data extraction from complex documents, elevating PIRC's research capabilities.

Imperial College London G2AI's ongoing collaboration with Imperial College London involves formulating and executing a generative AI strategy for their business school. The team developed a bespoke GPT model to efficiently handle FAQs about admissions and recruitment, significantly simplifying the information dissemination process. In addition, G2AI played a critical role in constructing and optimising the school's databases.

At G2AI, our focus is on improving your business processes through tailor-made solutions. Whether AI is a key component or an auxiliary tool, our objective is to craft solutions that meaningfully enhance your business operations. 

Referrals from both PIRC and Imperial College London are available upon request.

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